The value of paying for training!




So, last Thursday I set off from home at 6am (dedication) to catch a train to Nottingham and then spent an

amazing 5 or so hours in the company of professional photographer Crash Taylor and 8 other photographers, including

my great friend Kirsty Mattson.  Photographer, designer and friend of Crash's Lois Webb also joined us on the day as well as his friendly

assistant Holly.

Crash's approach to teaching is as inspiring as his eye for a photograph and how to capture it!




Claudine, our model for the day was amazing, a true professional and a pleasure to work with.




After brief introductions we got on with what we were all there for. Capturing images, sharing and learning. Not only from Crash, but from each other.



First, we took pictures inside using available light or reflectors or whatever mode you wanted. All fully explained, the advantages or disadvantages to each method.  




Light and how to use it is what photography is all about!

And being able to use it effectively is what separates the professional from the amateur.




Then it was outside onto the mean streets that are Nottingham. No, not really,but what an awesome backdrop?



I don't think we could have timed it better with the weather!




On our travels we talked about lighting, posing, camera techniques, weddings, well anything photography really.



A garage door became another ideal backdrop to Claudine's beauty.

And, lastly we were back to where we started, outside Crash's studio.

Overall, one of the best learning experience's I've had in a long time. Worth every penny!

Why as a professional do I still pay for training?

Well, that's easy,  because I want every picture I ever capture, to be the best I can possibly make it!




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