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Best Friends Forever!


Just before Christmas a client approached me with a specific request for a Best Friends Shoot. It was to be her Christmas gift to her daughter and her two best friends. I think you'll agree it was lovely gift.

Three best friends, who very rarely get the opportunity to feature in the same photograph, looking stunning and not having already had a few too many glasses of wine!

Although the ladies did start the session with a gorgeous daiquiri at the stunning Banyan bar and kitchen, York.  

Well, It would've been rude not to!



Leanne, Sharna and Lynnie have been friends for many years. Sharna and Leanne originally met 22 years ago when they lived next door to each other, when they were only 2! And Lynnie joined the party when she met Sharna at school when they were 12.

They helped each other get ready, doing their hair and make up, choosing outfits. I bet that was chaos, lol. Luckily both Sharna and Lynnie work in a hairdressers so no worries there then.

To start with the girls were really nervous but once we got started, it was so much fun that the nerves began to vanish.



Or maybe that was just the daiquiris taking effect?



After the warmth of bar we thought we'd brave the cold and headed out into York.

The weather couldn't have been any better. It was a beautiful winters afternoon, blue skies and that glow of the sun gave all the pictures amazing warmth and depth that complimented the three gorgeous ladies.



The Museum Gardens in York are gorgeous, no matter what the season!



The ladies insisted on playing in the leaves and who was I to stop them?





Told you it was filled with fun!

And what did the ladies make of their photo session?

"We had an awesome time on the shoot, you made us feel comfortable and professional with an edge of fun and excitement.

It really was an amazing experience.......... Thanks Jo x"


A friend is a person who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are.




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