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Giving a helping hand

A while ago now, I was doing a bit of tweeting, joining in with all that is Social Media, when I saw something that caught my eye.

A hospice in Leeds were looking for a Photographer to donate their time for free and help update their photography stock.

St Gemma's Hospice needed some help and if they'd have me I'd be glad to get invovled!



I know that walking into a hospice is not easy, but I also know from previous experience just what amazing places they are.  I knew that some sensitivity would be called for on my part and feel that my ability to work swiftly, mixed with a genuine caring nature meant that the job was completed without any fuss or upset.

When I was about 17 I did a week or two on placement at hospice in my home town and to this day that experience has stayed with me, because of the positivity of the staff, the warmth and caring and general calmness of the environment.

And St Gemma's was no different.

Opened in 1978 St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in England. It’s a friendly, warm and safe place at the heart of the local community with a large range of expert services to support patients, their families and friends. Care is focussed around the needs of the individual and they are respectful of all beliefs, religions and cultures.




Two wards can accommodate up to 32 patients with a care team including doctors, nurses, social workers and spiritual support. They aim to provide individual care 24 hours a day for the duration of a stay.






All staff and volunteers work with a smile on their faces knowing that what they do can make such a difference!




They also have a Day Hospice which can give extra support to manage symtoms, gain more confidence at home and help maximize a persons quality of life.




A place where individuals can enjoy the friendly and therapeutic environment. Many people value the support of meeting others in a similar situation and families and carers know that while there that there loved ones are in safe hands.



I was fortunate to spend a day at St Gemma's surrounded by some amazing individuals, doctors, nurses, volunteers and many others who offer their time to help.  I also met and spoke with many patients, who under stressful circumstances, were obviously comfortable in their surroundings and being well cared for.

Wishing all at St Gemma's a very positive 2014!





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