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Anyone for a dip?


Occasionally, I get commissioned to do commercial photography in unique settings, where I am asked to capture the feel of the environment, the staff and the essence of what is going on.

This was one of those times.  

A Swimming School originally based in Yorkshire, wanted some new images and for such an amazing establishment that teaches such a valuable life skill, I couldn't say no!

Carol Saunders Swim School is a family business, which was established in the summer of 1987. Their first swimming lessons were held at Sherburn High School, Leeds but the Swim School has recently expanded to become a Nationwide Swim School.

The Swim School prides itself on its reputation of  the delivery of high standards of swimming tuition and coaching, as well as a personable service to all their customers.



Firstly, I took some shots to show the settings of the lessons.  Carol Saunders Swimming School run lessons in a number of different locations. I was booked to capture what was going on at The Mount School, York and at Sherburn High School, Sherburn-In-Elmet.

Once I had set the scene, it was time to try and get all the staff.  Obviously, they all wanted to look their very best no-one wants a picture of themselves dripping wet on the internet, so I had an early start capturing their portraits before they got into the water.

Carol Saunders is the lady on the top left.  Carol began her love of swimming from a very early age. Carol swam competitively at County & District levels until taking up swimming teaching. At the age of 18 she gained her Teaching Certificate. Carol is the founder of a number of successful competitive swimming clubs, coaching and developing many swimmers to become National Finalists.



These are just a few of the images I captured of the instructors and pool side helpers. They were all so friendly and cooperative, it was a real pleasure to work with them all! 

After capturing the individuals, I went to try and show some of the staff at work with the children.



Watching the instructors teaching children to swim, was really impressive. They were all obviously trained to the highest levels, they were enthusiastic and methodical in everything they were doing.



Paperwork, even as a Swim Instructor!



One little girl shone out for me during my time photographing during the lessons, mine!



For those of you who don't know, this is my little girl, Grace.  She has been a student with Carol Saunders for many months now and loves her lessons on a Saturday morning! I can honestly say, without these guys my little mermaid, would still be afraid of the water and clinging onto me or her daddy whenever there was a swimming pool within 50m.

Swimming is such a valuable life skill and I am so glad that I've made the investment in it.

Thank you to all the team at Carol Saunders for using JoanneB Photography and teaching Grace such a fantastic skill!

















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