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Just the two of you



You've set a date, booked JoanneB Photography and now it's time for your engagement photographs.



Or just a bit of both?

Me Too!


It's okay to be a bit nervous, the majority of people I photograph have butterflies the night before.  But trust me when I say, they will go away once we get started!

I find laughter will get us all through those awkward moments, laugh it out and I'll laugh with you.



The point of this shoot is to have some fun before your wedding day!

We'll hang out, get to know each other a little more. While we're there tell me all about you guys, how did you meet? What makes your partner the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

And I really want to know about all those little things that make you two laugh and giggle like school kids.

It's all a bit like a mini date.



Lets make it all about YOU. What do you guys like doing, where do you hang out? Mountain biking, great lets get the wheels out or something a little more sedate like going to town and doing coffee. Fab, I love coffee and cake! 

If you are stuck for a location, how about down by the river? I often use Rowntrees Park as a good place to start and finish. The Reading Rooms Cafe is a great place for an ice cream when we're done!



York University on a weekend is quiet and simply stunning, or how about starting in your own kitchen? Especially if cooking is one of your passions!



By the way, you don't have to dress to impress! Just wear what you find comfortable. 



I can't wait for YOUR engagement shoot and I am super excited to be at your wedding!

I will do everything within my (special photography) power to capture images of the two of you that show just why you are meant to say...............


'I DO'




And, yes. This shoot is completely free when you book my Wedding Package!

















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