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We want to ride our bicycles


Chris and Liz love their bikes and anything really to do with biking. They go mountain biking often and even compete. So, the original plan for their complimentary Pre-Wedding shoot, was to meet at Dalby Forest to capture some great images of them doing the activity they both love and share. The plan was to meet early and get some 'nice' shots before they headed off on the mountain bike trails where I would capture some 'action' shots. The first two dates we arranged, the weather was to say the least, wet. Then the third date had to be postponed because Chris had injured his back. 



So, much to everyones disappointment we had to reschedule and as the Wedding Day is approaching, we went for something with a little less 'action' but still featuring their beloved bikes!

Rowntrees Park, again. I can't help it. I love it there. 



Liz and Chris chose the centre image below for their framed signing board and I can see why. Subtle, yet says it all!



Their Wedding is approaching fast and I can't wait to capture the day for them.  I just know it's going to be a beautiful day!



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