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Kathryn & David in the Museum Gardens


This is Kathryn and David, lucky in love, but not in finding a Wedding Photographer!

I am number 4 and here's what happened to the first 3 (don't worry, I'm not going round bumping off the competition)

  1. accepted their booking, only to discover she had booked the wrong date and was not available for their actual date
  2. got pregnant (congratulations) and was due to have her baby the same month of their wedding
  3. found on the internet, no contract, no deposit and just felt a bit wrong!



So, here I am, their lucky number 4!

Although, do you know what, I think I am the lucky one.

Sometimes you just gel with your clients and I love these guys.  


We met for their Pre-Wedding shoot in York and had a good chat first. Their day sounds amazing! They are getting married at Taitlands. A unique Wedding Venue in the Yorkshire Dales, near Settle. I just know it's going to be so beautiful! Kathryn is a Seamstress by trade and has made her own dress (what a skill) and from the sounds of it, the whole event is going to be lovely and have that 'vintage' feel to it. 

And, I can't wait!

These pictures were taken in the Museum Gardens, York.



























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