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My secret weapon for great Wedding photographs!


On a lovely wintery morning I met Sharon and James for their pre-wedding shoot at the stunning Knaresborough Castle. Rain was threatening to put a halt to the session or at least change it slightly, but the umbrella stayed firmly locked in the car while we walked around. We admired the view, chatted about this and that and generally had some fun with the camera in a gorgeous location.




And I for one, really enjoyed it! I always enjoy my pre-wedding shoots, there's no pressure on anyone (including me) we just get together and spend an hour in each others company, getting to know each other a little better. 

I suppose, you could say it's like meeting any new friends. The first or second meeting can make everyone slightly nervous, but by the time you meet on third or fourth occasion, everyone is becoming more relaxed and starting to be themselves.



Can you see where this is going?



So, let's fast forward to James and Sharon's Wedding Day.

They are having their ceremony in Knaresborough in April 2016 and it will be followed by an afternoon and evening reception at the very famous Betty's Tearooms in Harrogate and I am going to capture some fabulous photographs for them!

How do I know this, you ask?

Well, here it is, my secret to getting those great wedding photographs......



I already know how much taller James is compared to Sharon (and to me, for that matter) I know where the church is and how important their ceremony is to them, I know there will be a congregation full of well wishers, I know that the reception at Betty's in Harrogate will be a splendid affair and I know that by then they will be relaxed in my company, allowing me to capture those special moments that occur when two people, who love each other deeply, say I do!




I emotionally invest in every Wedding Day that I have the honour to attend and to do that, I think we must, on some level, form a relationship or even become friends.

And that is why a complimentary pre-wedding shoot is my secret weapon that I use to ensure I get relaxed, fun and loving Wedding Day photographs! 




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