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Back to my Roots


During my time in the Royal Air Force, I photographed many things, from the normal to the downright odd! Including, a metal rule stuck in a wing of a jet, a police dog having its paw prints taken and the cast of Heartbeat to name but a few. 

But, I loved that about the job, the variety of situations and the different skills I had to utilise to get the best shots.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy photographing children, families or a gorgeous wedding. However, the occasional opportunity to shoot Commercial photography, capturing unique bespoke images to show a company in the best way, is a fabulous challenge.




So, when I was approached by Emma from Emerald Roots, to capture her and her business, I was ready to get creative.



Before I pressed the shutter release, Emma and I discussed her business and what she needed to show in her photographs.

"The name Emerald Roots links both parts of the business. Root being a computer related word - root account, root user.... and root is also connected to our English as a Second Language Tutoring - root word, the culture and origin of a language"


She went on to say "Emerald Roots is the business behind Emerald Tutoring and Emerald Computer Services. Emerald Tutoring offers online lessons for various subjects giving you the opportunity to learn new skills.  Emerald Computer Services helps with all your computer needs, from hardware to software and photo/video editing to graphic design".



Trying to show what Emma does in pictures needed a little lateral thinking. And I think between us, we did a good job. Showing both the Computer services side  of her business as well as the Tutoring.



With the advent of online services, Emerald Roots makes learning and computing services all available from the comfort of your own home! What with extended opening hours and services starting from as little as £5.00, I am sure they can help any of your learning or computing needs.


And if you need any Commercial imagery for your company showing it's uniqueness and personality, then get in touch. 

Or follow the link to my website to the Commercial section.


























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