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2017 A Review



So, another years over and a new ones just begun.  And all my wonderful bride and grooms from 2017 are already heading very quickly towards their first wedding anniversary. I can't believe just how fast the year went and just how many lovely weddings I got to photograph.

I  would like to extend a massive amount of gratitude to all the couples who let me share and capture their special day. Truly it is an honour to be given such unlimited access to something so special. Yes, occasionally it's stressful and yes, sometimes I do worry about getting 'that shot' but all in all it is a real joy and pleasure to be involved in that once in a lifetime event. 

I must also thank the bridesmaids, best men, grooms men and any of the other key figures who make my day easier. I do not know all the guests, or who needs to be present in a group shot or who is sadly not with us on the day and very often it's the rest of the important people in the wedding who keep me straight.
Often I can be seen using a poor bridesmaid as an umbrella holder or a grooms man as a chauffeur or light stand, so I thank you guys too!

Also, to the rest of the family and wedding party, thank you for your patience when I am sorting out the group shots or pinching the bride and groom to do some portraits. I know you really want to go to the toilet or to the bar, but giving me the opportunity to get that big group photograph before you all disappear like magic is appreciated.

And lastly I would like to say a big thank you to the vicars, registrars, reverends, churches, venues, staff, make up artists, florists, cake makers, room stylists, magicians, hairdressers and anyone else who works within the industry because without you guys, this would not be half as much fun.

Let us all remember we are all there for one reason and one reason only to make the bride and grooms day unforgettable!

(and just in case they do begin to forget, its ok, because I've got that covered)



















2017 was a great year for JoanneB Photography with weddings in the Lake District, Cheshire and Yorkshire. I did more referral weddings than ever before which is always nice!

2018 is looking amazing, again with lots of referrals from friends and families of weddings I have done previously and hotels who are happy to have me on their preferred supplier lists. I am proud of the year I have had and cannot wait to do it all again this year!
















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