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You and your guests will be enchanted by the elegance and beauty of this 17th century hidden gem. Set in 250 acres of parkland, Carlton Towers is an historic treasure – you even get exclusive use! The interior, exterior and gardens make for a wonderful backdrop for your wedding day photographs.

With use of the house and gardens, you and your guests will love exploring. From the epic grandeur of the staterooms to the informality of the bar tucked under the Minstrels’ Gallery, it is filled with secrets to discover. A spectacular backdrop, wonderful accommodation, the finest food and drink and your own dedicated wedding team: Carlton Towers will stage the day of your dreams!

I have had the pleasure of working at Carlton Towers on a few weddings and have known many of the staff who work there for quite a number of years. They are always attentive to everyone's needs and really go above and beyond. I can also vouch for the amazing quality of the food, their catering is top notch!

If you would like to check out details of my prices and packages at  Carlton Towers  or any other wedding venue in York follow the link, or get in touch following the details on my contact page.

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