Your complimentary pre-wedding shoot is a vital ‘getting to know you’ session.  We will use it to become comfortable in each other’s company (although I am sure we will be great friends by then anyway) and for you to begin to relax in front of the camera before your big day. We will organise your special shoot in plenty of time before your wedding. We will meet up and just have a bit of fun and where we meet is up to you. Maybe your favourite park in York or nearby at the beach or even maybe at your chosen wedding day venue. If you want to do ice-creams, great, or coffee and cake, fabulous!

Think of this as more of a ‘date’ than a photoshoot and we’ll have a great time! 



Once your images are ready, I will publish them into a password-protected gallery where you can see just what a great looking couple you make!   You will have to chose your favourite image (never easy) which I will frame for you, but not before your guests have had a chance to sign around the image on your wedding day. Like a guestbook, only better because once its framed it can go up on your wall at home rather than filed away in some drawer, like my guestbook is! This large picture can be framed in either a black, white, silver or a champagne finish. And should you want more images or prints, you can purchase any of the images in any format and, if there is time, you could use them as ‘save the date cards’ wedding invites or even thank you cards.