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Wedding Photography at Hazlewood Castle

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This beautiful, romantic and historic Castle is set in 77 acres of enchanted woodland, with hidden fairies, manicured gardens, cherry orchard avenue, wedding pagoda, Chapel, ponds and fountains offers a stunning backdrop for your special day. The grounds are stunning for your wedding day photographs and the interiors are just as spectacular.

Nothing is too much trouble for the staff at Hazlewood Castle. Every time I step foot in the hotel, the staff ensure that I have everything I need, as well as you! 

Having photographed many weddings at Hazlewood Castle, I know we will capture photographs that you are going to love. Hazlewood Castle is truly a photographers dream. Outside the grounds are stunning and knowing the venue as I do, we can quickly achieve many breathtaking wedding photographs of you. I have so many favourite locations that we really are spoilt for choice. Portraits of Bride and Grooms at Hazlewood Castle are some of the best ones I get to take!

If you would like to see more photographs from weddings at Hazlewood Castle follow this link to Charlotte and David's wedding.

If you would like to check out details of my prices and packages at Hazlewood Castle  or any other wedding venue in York follow the link, or get in touch following the details on my contact page.

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