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The Parsonage Hotel and Spa is a fabulous Wedding Venue for Photographs. It is set in 6 acres of beautiful formal gardens and woodland, which are wonderful to capture your wedding day photographs in.

Built in the early 1840s, the building maintains many of its original features. It is a perfect place to celebrate your Wedding Day. With a licence to hold Civil Wedding and Partnership Ceremonies for up to 100 guests and a function room large enough to cater for up to 200 in the evening, 

Having recently gone through a refurbishment program, The Parsonage Hotel is looking stunning both inside and out. As their recommended wedding photographer, I have worked closely with all the staff at The Parsonage for many years, building up a genuine friendship with many of them. I know that when I am working, I will be well looked after and that nothing is too much trouble for them. I also know that if the hotel is looking after me that well, they will make sure you and your guests are looked after too!

Wedding photographs at The Parsonage Hotel are a joy to capture with so many options, especially outside in their well kept gardens. With a choice of three stunning locations you are always guaranteed to get those show-stopping wedding photographs that you want! The stunning trees in the rear gardens give relief on hot summer days with lots of shade, the gardens to left are secluded and just right for some quiet time away from your guests and of course the amazing driveway and  hotel make an amazing backdrop, especially when it starts to get dark. Inside the staircase with its chandelier is always on a Bride and Grooms list as a must have photograph.

If you would like to see how your wedding day could look at The Parsonage follow this link to a blog from one of their  Wedding Fairs or follow this link to Lucy and Chris's Wedding Day blog.

If you would like to check out details of my prices and packages at The Parsonage Hotel or any other wedding venue in York follow the link, or get in touch following the details on my contact page.


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