Interiors, exteriors and architectures


I will liaise closely with you to create a smooth and ‘time conscious’ shoot.  Ensuring that the briefest amount of time possible is spent onsite or in my studio and in editing. During the initial stages, before a single image has been taken, we will discuss your needs from the shoot, how the images will look, what you need them to show and how the images will ultimately be used. Once we have agreed all of the above, I will happily begin the project with close contact with the lead individual within the company, providing some proofs along the way to make sure all the boxes are being ticked.  


Marketing material


Having trained with the best, my eye for detail and  photography skills are second to none. I have photographed some of the most challenging situations with, sometimes, the most challenging individuals or groups.  Trying to organise 400 RAF personnel into some order for a group picture is not easy and neither is photographing a hairline crack inside a Tornado jet! But, because of this training, I can guarantee that no matter what you need photographing, not only will I succeed but also even the dullest parts of your company WILL look amazing. Every commercial project is different, just as you company is different and unique from every other.  There are elements of your company that stand it apart from the rest and your company photographs should portray that uniqueness.


Food photography and hospitality



Because everyone’s need’s are different, so are my prices.  Here is a brief outline which will help get you started.

However, please get in touch for a tailormade quote for your company.

All shoots include between 10 - 60 images depending on package price and time.

1st hour or company headshots                      £120.00
2nd hour & subsequent                                   £  70.00                         
Half day     upto 4 hours                                  £300.00
Full  day          5 hours +                                 £540.00


Industrial and mechanical